Is there a Cure for ADD/ADHD?

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Without a doubt, this is one of the questions I get asked most often in my work. Is there a cure for ADD and ADHD? There’s so much information and misinformation about ADD/ADHD, that it is important to understand some basic facts before answering this question.

  • ADD/ADHD is not a disease
  • ADD/ADHD is not mental retardation or brain damage
  • There’s no environmental causes of ADD/ADHD
  • ADD/ADHD is not a boys’ only disorder, it also impacts girls
  • ADD/ADHD often manifests itself differently in boys than girls.
  • It is hereditary
  • Only a qualified professional can properly diagnose ADD/ADHD
  • Medication can be an effective intervention when properly monitored and not the only intervention

These are just a few things to keep in mind. There’s plenty of other ones as well, but let’s start with this list. I usually ask new clients to tell me what he or she knows about ADD/ADHD. I am surprised at how many different responses I’ll receive. Unfortunately, this often comes from misinformed professionals or even worst, the Internet Now, I know what you might be thinking, and yes, you’re reading this on the Internet too. But the difference between my blog and other sources is that I am not trying to sell you a product (yes I am an ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning coach, but there’s no hidden agenda). For some this may not be an avenue, but to others it could be a possibility – select cannabis strains have been noted to particularly help ADD sufferers, one being this pink lady strain, you may want to see how this strain could impact on your or someone you know that suffers from ADD.

Here is my best advice for anyone seeking help; if it doesn’t feel right, comfortable or seems too-good-to-be true, it usually is a problem. When it comes to ADD/ADHD, many not-so-trustworthy professionals try to sell hope. It is a very unfair and unprofessional way of doing business. I’m upfront with prospective clients about what I offer and how my services will work. If I don’t see this as a fit, I will point prospective clients in a different direction. I’d strongly advise you to ask questions and if there are concerns early, these will not go away. It is a heredity condition so it might be worth visiting a site like to find out if any of your close family or ancestors have also suffered with it too. Plus, finding out your DNA history can also help with further diagnosis in the future.

So to answer the original question, there is no cure for ADD/ADHD. But with the proper interventions, there are ways of improving performance. As with anything else, implementing proper interventions will eventually lead to improved compensation strategies. If you are told otherwise, you are probably at the wrong place. Some of these interventions include medication, counseling and coaching. Other obscure methods of managing ADHD include smoking marijuana, which promotes focus and therefore is helpful for those with the condition. Those interested in this method of treatment for ADHD may want to explore live rosin on the buymyweedonline website.

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