ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching Moment…Preparing for 1st Quarter Grades

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First quarter report cards will start creeping into mailboxes soon. This is either a wonderful or awaking moment for families obviously depending on the results. Preparation is a key to handing the results.

Let’s go with the first scenario of good grades. This should be a moment for evaluating success and building upon it. Complacency has the potential to creep in and cause students with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns to fall back into easier and less effective strategies. Jotting down things that are working well and remembering past mistakes are a key. Stay positive and proactive.

Now what about those not-so-strong report cards. There’s no reason to panic. It’s time to break things down and move forward. Try to find the positives and build to the student’s strengths. Focusing on the poor grades isn’t going to help in this situation. I do believe it’s important to be proactive with teachers in this case as well. It’s important to reach out and ask the right questions. These should be about classroom functioning, work completion and test/quiz performance.

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