Three Tips for Parents with ADD and ADHD Children

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Raising a child with ADD and ADHD can be a challenge. If I ever need a reminder, I can always ask my parents. Many parents struggle with setting with appropriate interventions and supports for their children. What’s fair and what may be too much support? Here are three suggestions.

Strong Limits: People with ADD and ADHD will test limits. If there’s any ambiguity, he or she will push the limits. Drawing a line and not crossing it is a key. If you punish your child, make sure you don’t reduce the punishment. Show that you mean business. But keep in mind that a punishment needs to be appropriate. Don’t threaten to take something away forever unless you mean it. These small cracks in the armor will cause bigger concerns down the road. Make things fair but firm.

Accountability: Never let someone with ADD and ADHD use this disorder as an excuse. It isn’t fair. While there’s certainly moments where it’s fair, it’s important to separate ADD and ADHD as a scapegoat.

Education: Learn as much as you can about ADD and ADHD and pass that knowledge onto your family. This helps everyone better understand it and work towards identifying success strategies.

Raising a child is a rewarding and life-altering experience, it doesn’t always go to plan but that is the beauty of creating a family! However, for some parents, the expenses can become too much for them and they need that extra help, looking up on ‘how much does it cost to raise a child?’ can help people better understand what they may need to do prepare and what type of help they can get with certain things.

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