Talking to Your Child about ADD and ADHD

Image courtesy of Phaitoon/
Image courtesy of Phaitoon/

The younger you teach someone about ADD and ADHD, the better that person will respond. I’ve found that my clients that educate his or her child about ADD/ADHD are always better off than those that aren’t in the know.

Is there an appropriate age to have this conversation? That’s really up to the parent/guardian? Since children develop at different paces, judging the appropriate time is really on a case-by-case basis.

Why do I feel this way? Because I always advise clients to study themselves. The more we learn about how we function, the better managing our ADD and ADHD becomes. The importance of taking a few minutes and reflecting on a moment is such a key to growth. It is so important that we learn about ourselves. A child that understands ADD and ADHD is in much better position to understand his or her wiring. It help recognize how to address personal concerns related to ADD and ADHD.

For example, I know that if I am hungry, I will not function properly. While this may apply to all of us, I recognize that if I am doing client work, I need to eat something beforehand. An individual with ADD and ADHD needs to see how certain things impact his or her functioning and address the issue. Understanding ADD and ADHD is the key to properly managing it.

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