ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching Moment…Blaming the Professional

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Image courtesy of Ambro /

I’ve been working with the Jones family for around four months. I’ve been working with the family’s youngest daughter. She’s seen many top professionals in the Chicagoland Area. A common pattern with this family is to blame the professional, not the situation.

This has been a very difficult family; appointments were missed, child was belligerent, mother was selectively involved, father didn’t care, etc. When the daughter would come, she was anything but engaged. While I do not want to give up on a client, it was my belief that it would be best for us to go our separate ways. Let’s just say this didn’t go over very well. I became another professional in a long-list of professionals to be blamed.

I advised the family to seek more of traditional therapy. I felt that the needs were so extensive that someone needed to really help this family see the bigger picture. Instead of trying any style of help, there was a built-in resistance that blamed any professional for the concerns at hand.

I always advise perspective new clients that if I do not think I can help, I’ll point him or her in a different direction. I like to earn my money for doing my job, so I’m always honest. I know that this is how I make a living, but I never want a client to feel that I’m not providing a valuable service. My advice is to be the same way as a client. If it doesn’t seem like a fit, then find something that works for you. Getting the right kind of help is most important.

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