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I work with clients of all ages. One of my clients is a female adult (Sammy) that is very bright and successful. She  has beaten a lot of the ADHD stereotypes her whole life, but suffers in silence. Sammy went to a very prestigious university and law school. She is on a partner track at a big firm. Sammy feels that she has to work much harder than everyone else and is very critical of herself to a point where she is beginning to have physical problems like ulcers and insomnia.

Sammy needs plenty of support. Her success is certainly commendable, but her coping strategies are leading her on a course for disaster. Her physical breakdown is one of the most dangerous signs for someone with ADHD…the internalizing of stress and frustration are breaking down her body. While she makes an incredible salary and has luxuries most people would love to have; until she deals with her needs more effectively, she will not be able to enjoy the fruits of her efforts.

We just started working together around a month ago. She immediately expressed a feeling of relief at identifying and implementing coping strategies. This included her meeting with her bosses to discuss how her ADHD works. For years she’s been in denial and afraid to discuss it with others, but now she feels more vindicated that there’s others out there like herself. She also will build stress breaks and other relaxation time into her work day. This will include walks, meditation and breathing exercises. Finally, Sammy agreed to regularly attend yoga classes or other workout classes. This will be her time.

I have other plans for Sammy too, but her dealing with the stress of ADHD was first and most important.

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