If Adults Can Carry Smart Phones, Why Can’t Kids with ADD and ADHD?

Image courtesy of sippakorn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of sippakorn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I have been a long-time advocate of learners using Smart Phones to help with organization. I carry a Smart Phone and so do most successful adults I know as well. It is an easy way to stay organized and gives the individual important information at one’s finger tips. For learners with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns, Smart Phones become like a personal administrative assistant.

So why can’t the younger generation have access to this valuable tool? Why are adults the only ones able to incorporate this technology into his or her own life? Schools will give a variety of reasons including the obvious one of being a distraction. It’s true, kids will certainly use the Smart Phone for other things. But, wouldn’t it be helpful to incorporate this technology into education?

Here is how my life stays organized (keeping in mind that I have ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits)…I will enter information on my Android Phone. In turn, it immediatly syncs into my GMail account (email, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.). The information is then avaiable on the GMail website and downloaded to my computer. Wouldn’t this be helpful for young students that have trouble organizing tasks and losing outdated assignment notebooks? Plus, a parent can incorporate his or her child’s calendar into a family one if desired. Works great for everyone involved.

If we want our children to be organized and on-top of things, perhaps it’s time to stop finding reasons why children shouldn’t use modern technology. By forcing students with ADD/ADHD or Executive Functioning Deficits to rely on outdated assignment notebooks isn’t fair or effective.

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