Study: ADD and ADHD Takes a Toll Well Into Adulthood

Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 /
Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 /

Study: ADHD takes a toll well into adulthood

The study above discusses how ADD and ADHD continues to manifest itself  in adults. Using a comprehensive study, this helps clarify the wrongful notion that ADD/ADHD is only a childhood disorder that is outgrown by adults. This ties into an earlier piece I wrote (Can ADD and ADHD Be Outgrown?).

One thing this piece stresses is the importance of continuing successful intervention strategies throughout one’s life. Just because ADD/ADHD is addressed during childhood does not mean one should discontinue interventions into adulthood. Let’s remember that there’s no cure for ADD/ADHD, but one can develop personal interventions that help improve functioning. These interventions should be regularly reviewed and revamped as needed.

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