Tips on Medication Management for ADD and ADHD

Image courtesy of dusky/
Image courtesy of dusky/

I’m often asked about my feelings on medication for people with ADD and ADHD. Am I for it or against it? Do I take medication? Is one medication better that the others? I usually avoid these questions because medication works differently for each individual. Even if the medication you get from ukmeds works for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they would work on somebody else. Since I am not a medical doctor, I’m not comfortable with making medical decisions. As far as I go, I do not take medication but have in the past. It was very helpful for me but I prefer to not take medication. However, if I feel it will be an appropriate intervention in the future, I will take medication again. I could perhaps get it from a Canadian Pharmacy to make things easier, but time will tell on that front.

For my clients that are on medication, I suggest that they become students of their bodies. What does this exactly mean? It is important that he or she monitor how the individual’s body responds at different points of the day. Is he or she more hungry in the morning or afternoon? Is the individual having more trouble than normal sleeping while taking medication. Is there a crash and what time of day does this happen? Can the individual feel a difference when he or she is medicated as opposed to other non-medicated times? In the case of younger clients, these same questions above can be asked by parents. Keep a journal and fill it out regularly. It is important to have this data updated and available. I also recommend to adults the involvement of others; co-workers and anyone else that the individual trusts to help with this process.

Once you have some good data for your doctor, it will make medication management go much smoother. This will allow you to ask questions and identify the best medication for either yourself or your child. By asking the right questions, a doctor can cater a medication treatment plan more suited to the individual’s needs.

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