ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching Moment…Lost in Life

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

I just started working with Jena. She’s a 22-year old college student at a local university. She’s very sweet and charming. But her world is beginning to fall apart. She got by academically based on her intelligence and charm, but now that things have gotten difficult, she’s shutting down.

Let’s start at the beginning of the whole issue and a common thing I see with clients. Jena learned how to get through her lower-level education because of her natural talents. Now that it’s become more difficult, she has no coping skills or the ability to use her own personal strengths to fix the problem. She begins to give up the fight because she already feels defeated. Getting her out of this funk is the first step of the process.

My next move will be for Jena to make things simple. Take one class but apply strategies to that particular class and find methods that help her be successful. It is key for her not to get overwhelmed, but take baby steps in order to get better skills.

Finally, Jena uses a lot of self-defeating language. It’s hard to blame her, but the reality is that she cannot get down on herself. The more she does this, the more she will not get out of this rut she’s in. Once she gains some confidence, she will be back on the right track.

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