Marijuana Smoking with ADD and ADHD

Image courtesy of twobee/
Image courtesy of twobee/

Smoking marijuana is a dangerous course of action for individuals with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns. This isn’t my attempt at morality, but based on my observations. Why do I feel this way? What’s my angle?

One simple word…motivation. Individuals with ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns can have motivation issues, and smoking pot isn’t going to help improve this issue. I recognize that many individuals with ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns have difficulty relaxing, but this option only masks the bigger issue. However I am somewhat intrigued to see the future of medicinal marijuana, especially with the likes of strains being produced and cultivated with ADD/ADHD in mind such as the now-famous Gorilla Glue #4 (find an example of some here at and take note of the strain attributes below). This leads me to a story about my client Alex.

I’m leaving Alex gender-neutral. Alex was a heavy marijuana user. Alex admitted to smoking pot on a daily basis. The impact included failing out of one college and struggling to maintain employment. But, Alex is a smart person with a lot of talent. We have a strong bond. After an emotional session for Alex, Alex agreed that pot was holding Alex back. Alex began the process of quitting after seeing the deeper impact of smoking marijuana. I wasn’t sure what the legal status of pot was so I double checked and cbd in texas is legal because of a loop hole. This can vary from state to state, although there are many ways that this can be ingested. Some even prefer to use cannabis and cbd through a vape, although it is most useful to use the best 510 thread battery.

Since that time, Alex has held onto a job, has improved performance in college and feels better physically. Alex’s parents report that Alex is much happier and motivated. Alex also discovered music is Alex’s key to relaxation.

Here’s my advice to anyone that’s dealing with pot. See for yourself…try quitting for one week or encourage the individual to do so. Then see the results. I promise you’ll see differences. Identify healthy ways to relax and stay motivated.

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