Having a Bad ADHD Day

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I wish I could tell you my life is full of perfect days. While my children make me feel like I’m king of the world, there are days that just do not start off well. Here’s an example one of those days that just seemed like it was going to be bad.

My wife is out-of-town on business. This just throws me up against the pressure cooker. I can handle my children, but today got off to a rocky start and I really could have used a few minutes to deal with an issue. But, unfortunately, life didn’t allow me that opportunity.

Let me backtrack a second…all of this started yesterday around 3PM. For some reason, all of my appointments and contacts were incorrect. I use Google for my calendar, contacts and email, so it was really strange that everything was incorrect. Luckily, I back up all of my contacts and appointments. But I was irritated that all of this was happening.

After several hours of problem solving, I pinpointed the problem to my mobile device. It kept duplicating and deleting items without much guidance including an appointment with another professional from last week. I pride myself on punctuality and remembering appointments, so when things like this happen it throws me off my game.

I decided to activate a new phone and reenter my appointments and contacts when my phone was offline. So far so good…but then another curveball came my way…

I work downtown on Thursdays. Since I live in the suburbs, I like to take the train. Well today’s train was late. It got me downtown 13 minutes before my appointment (it usually is a half hour) and I had a ten minute walk to my office. Then, of course, the sidewalk I take is under construction. I had to walk two blocks out of my way to get to the street I needed to take. This threw me off and I got to my office five minutes late. Today’s client is very difficult to deal with, so being late didn’t exactly help start off our work on the right foot.

But to my surprise, we had our best session. He started off angry but was charming by the end. I couldn’t believe it.

Life lesson here…even when everything seems like it’s falling apart, try to stick with the program. Get yourself back on-track and the results may be surprising.

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