Are People with ADD & ADHD More Entrepreneurial???

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Recently, I had a wonderful time with some friends. We were hanging out and talking about many different topics including families, life, sports and business. All of us spending time together had one thing in common…we all have either ADD or ADHD. So it got me to thinking (ah, the joys of ADHD), is there something to ADD/ADHD people being more entrepreneurial?

Everyone from the group last night owns his own business. With the exception of one person, we all worked for other people at one time but all agreed it wasn’t our cup of tea. Having a boss and having to deal with the everyday minutia wasn’t for any of us.

So here is the Cliff Note version of my life and why I’m here today…

I started off as a teacher. I loved the actual “job” of being an educator but didn’t do so well with the bureaucracy of education. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you will, I saw an opportunity to continue helping people on my terms. I decided it was time for me to leave teaching and open my own practice. I have ADHD and spent most of my life creating and recreating strategies to help me be successful. When I realized my ADHD was too much of a challenge, I sought out help. There wasn’t the kind of help I was looking for…so poof…the idea of me becoming that type of help started this whole career.

To quote Sam Rothstein from one of my all-time favorite movies CasinoI am the boss. My success is strictly based on my efforts. I do not have to attend an after-school meeting or spend time on a school improvement committee. Instead, I can focus on what I’m good at and set-up a course for me to be successful. Like any other job, there’s still stress…paperwork, billing, marketing and client concerns…but I am the one in charge and can decide without clearing it with someone else how I want to approach all of these tasks.

I wouldn’t say my work is easier, I would say it fits because I can modify my approach as I move along. My father once told me, being self-employed is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. Based on the course of my life, the man knows his stuff.

Does this mean you should go out tomorrow, quit your job and tell your boss to go to a very hot place? Of course not. If this is something you would like to do it’s important to do your due diligence. What does this mean exactly? Be sure to understand all the nuances of running the show. There’s no guaranteed paycheck and things like insurance and paid vacations are a thing of the past. But, if you can make it work, more power to you. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that running a business is stressful and might not go as planned. We all dream of running a successful business, but it’s not always possible. However, businesses can improve their chances of being successful by investing in marketing strategies. This is so important. Without marketing, businesses won’t be able to get their brand out there. For anyone thinking of starting their own company, it might be worth getting in touch with an seo consulting company to see if they can help you boost your business’ online traffic. This should help you to get more potential clients, improving your business.

I believe that the person I am today is because of my ADHD. It gives me the ability to think “outside the box” and get things done in my own way. There’s never a dull moment…

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