Beginning of School Blues for ADD, ADHD and Students with Executive Functioning Concerns

Image courtesy of nuttakit/
Image courtesy of nuttakit/

The beginning of school can be a very new and exciting time for students. However, for learners with ADD, ADHD and Executive Functioning concerns, developing and maintaining good habits can be a challenge.

This is very common. Consider individuals with this type of deficit to have a similar attitude to those on a fad diet. Some may see great results right away and give up on the diet…just like ADD/ADHD and for individuals with Executive Functioning concerns are good at finding something that works, thinking the problem is fixed and forgetting the strategy that helped in the first place.

The most important thing is to focus on maintenance. Create, review and reestablish strategies. If you hear the old “I’ve got things under control” or “I really do not need to do that anymore”, that’s total hogwash!!! These strategies need to be incorporated and addressed regularly. ADD, ADHD and individuals with Executive Functioning concerns (and I speak from person experience) have to constantly work on strategies. Nothing is ever fixed!!!

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