1. Great article. I left my ADHD unchecked well into my adult years, and it really held me back professionally and caused some problems in my relationships at home. I finally went to a therapist and got some meds in my early 30s and life has been so much more fulfilling since then. A coach would be a good option too but I feel like I have a handle on things now.

    Cool site!


  2. Great article. I’ve definitely struggled in the workplace with my ADHD, whether it be the myriad distractions of the internet or a boss that thinks I’m slacking because it takes me a while to think through things. I think one of the most important goals that one can set in the workplace is to not only get their ADHD under control, but to hone their strengths and create a niche that no one else on their project team is filling. Making connections between seemingly disparate phenomena in the companies I consult is definitely one of those strengths. It always helps to show how you’re adding value. I’ve found links to some great resources on adultswithadd.net as well.

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