1. Debbie Brown

    I was on the verge of losing my job, so I talked with my doctor about my issues and concerns. Mainly about short term memory loss, lack of concentration, not focusing or focusing too much. My doctor asked me some questions such as was I organized, to which I laughed and said, I consider it organized chaos. He said I could have Adult ADD and suggested I read, Driven to Distraction. I got the book from the library, read it in one day and cried almost the whole way through the book. It described me almost to a T. Everything at work pointed to the possibility of having ADD and it was a revelation. I am on medication and it seems to be working, however, I know I have issues that I have to work on (piles, to do list, writing things down, etc) I will buy, Driven to Distraction, to have with me all the time. And I will be following you and a reference and coach.
    Thank you

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