1. samuel

    no, that is just being withdrawn and uncomfortable with socialising etc.

    Narcissists use people, they are confident, they are social, they give off a bright appearance.

    In fact the neurotypical in this capitalist, greedy world, that adores first impressions, and exploits the working class are narcissists.

  2. anon

    With all due respect I do no think you have accurately described narcissism or its correlation with ADHD. Narcissicm is so much more than selfishness. And what you’ve described as “selfish” sounds like healthy coping behaviors to make your ADHD more manageable and less “impactable” on the others in your life – the total opposite of ADHD, and narcissism.

    ADHDers are narcisisstist (WOW that is hard to spell) in the way they are self absorbed, self centered, and unable to empathize with others. Their constant focus on right now, not the past or present, makes is difficult to form deep emotional attachments with others and their neglect of responsibilty in favor of self stimulation leads them to manipulate persons and situations to their advantage.

  3. I too had the concern that the definition of the term was “complicated” so I went to wiki to get a clearer definition. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism

    Well, now as usual things are clear as mud. LOL I seem to run into this all the time. My narcissism tends to manifest itself in my know-it-all tone of voice. Apparently people do not like this. Go figure.

    Clarity of definitions is also a problem as I enthusiastically defend one definition when my interlocutor is using a different one only to find out when the discussion has escalated to scaring the little children (and wives) that we were not even talking about the same thing.

  4. You pose the questions “How does his or her behavior directly impact other people? How much of this can he or she control and how much of this is a product of ADD and ADHD? ”

    The narcissist in me answers: who cares to #1 and why should I control it to # 2.
    Reality sets in (wife’s glare) and I know I stuck my foot in it again.

    I guess in the end discretion is the better part of valor.

    http://addsherpa.com @addsherpa

  5. I agree that ADD/ADHD promotes narcissism. I actively have to make sure that I am not focusing too much on myself on a regular basis. This causes me a great deal of stress. In addition, if you make a sincere attempt to channel your symptoms into a positive medium you naturally become more focused on yourself. Luckily, the people who love me accept this struggle and forgive me when I am especially intense about it.

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